TRY MAKING THINGS - ceramics, glass craftworks, and dyed fabrics


Try making things

In Okayama, you can try making things such as ceramics, glass craftworks, and dyed fabrics.
Why not make your own something special and experience the joy that comes from creating things?

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JAPANESE CULTURAL EXPERIENCE -  riding a rickshaw and wearing a kimono?


Japanese cultural experience

Throughout Okayama, there are sightseeing spots with buildings and scenery that communicate the feel of ancient Japan to modern people.
In this city, why not experience Japanese culture in any of various ways such as riding a rickshaw or wearing a kimono?

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FRUIT PICKING -  Muscat,Peaches,and other fruits


Fruit Picking

Referred to as the kingdom of fruit, Okayama is famous for its high-quality fruits, including white peaches and Muscat and Pione grapes.
At farms in Okayama, people of all ages, from children to adults, can harvest high quality fruits typical of Okayama and then savor their flavors all year round.

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EXPERIENCE THE OUTDOORS - trekking,Sea kayak,SUP,and other activities


Experience the outdoors

Visitors can have a wide-range of outdoor experiences in Okayama, which is called the land of sunshine because of its little rain and mild climate.
Why not have some fun outdoors in the beautiful scenery and rich nature of Okayama.

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CYCLING -  enjoy! Cycling Road



Why not get out and do some cycling with friends on bicycle-only paths and feel that refreshing wind of Okayama.
Drop by a shop and pick up some delicious bread, enjoy the flowers of each season, speed along the paths. Do what you want.
You may be able to make new discoveries by expanding your area of activity beyond that possible with simple walking.

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